My operating system of choice is linux. The very first one I installed was slackware and it's still the one I use these days. I have used/installed other distributions in the past, including Red Hat, Caldera, debian, openSuse... But in the end I find that slackware is the one that suits me the best.

I also use live linux systems from a usb stick when I am away and I don't want to use the ubiquitous MS-Crap. These live systems are also useful for carrying tasks such as repairing filesystems, repartionning (non-destructively), running an antivirus...

The linux section contains bits of information, tips, shell scripts.


slackware is a source based linux distro. When you need a piece of software, basically all you need to do is just grab the source archive, build it (./configure && make), then package the result. In the configure process you'll know whether a library is missing.

Another nice thing about slackware is whenever you need to (re)configure something all you need to do is edit some file(s) with a plain text editor. There's no gui tool that comes afterwards and messes up what you've done or tries to impose on you what the default should be.


TeX is a state of the art typesetting system. That's what I use whenever I need to output nicely formatted documents. It's good for letters, resumes, math articles, books... You can even typeset music scores. Most of the times, I use the plain variety (over latex).

art stuff / movies

The pages at the art gallery section display a few drawings, paintings I've done in the 1990s.

The movies section include blurbs, pictures of a few movies I've seen and liked. The four directors shown here are very different in style, themes, but they all share a great sense of cinematography.

Aki Kaurismäki is my favorite movie director. His movies have a poetic quality, a quirky sense of humor, and show empathy for the underdogs ...


I became obsessed with the ukulele lately. I've learned and I'm learning a few songs (and a few instrumentals). I'll post songsheets in here.